Tuesday, August 2, 2011

War Exhibition

War Exhibition

The planning of this exhibition started ten months ago. I asked Bruce Stewart if he would be interested in helping put together an exhibition on WAR. He was very interested.

The difficulties of putting on a show with such an epic / significant theme is not easy. A lot of stress is involved. It can be very damaging if the gallery does not deliver a proper show. I was very stressed... as I am sure Bruce will confirm. Bruce was also concerned that some of the art work in the gallery would be offensive to his audience. So the battle field in the gallery was pretty tense.

Bruce and I had to take a step back from the vision of the exhibition and have a beer. Just to build bridges.

After a lot of stress, hard work, trust, vision... I am very proud to say that this exhibition is an extremely solid show. Bruce Stewart's are work is outstanding. 25% of the gallery show features his work.

The show consists of 15 artists.

The gallery has ten works by Ted Zuber. A very significant Canadian War Artist. (15 of his works are in Canada's official heritage art of Korean War, curated at the Canadian War Museum).

The War exhibition is now online preview.


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